Know VS. Tempe, Which Is Healthier?

Who is not familiar with tofu and resep tempe mendoan sederhana enak ? Two food ingredients is very popular among our communities, and both are almost always available anywhere. Traditional markets, as well as large supermarkets. Non-GMO soy products this is a healthy source of protein, and are easily obtained. The price is a relatively economical and dikreasikan can be a variety of food menu, making tofu and tempe options many people. But which is better between the two?

Tofu and tempe are both made from soy beans. Although of the same material, each made with a different way. Know are made with soy milk to coagulate the coagulant, tempe by way of ferment soy that has been cooked by using a mold. The texture, taste and appearance of both food is also much different. A half-cup of tofu contains 97 calories, while tempe contains 160 calories. Know contain 10.1 grams of protein in a half size Cup, while tempe contain 15.4 grams. Fiber between tofu and tempeh are also different, in a half-cup of tofu contains 0.5 grams of fiber as much, while tempe containing 3.5 grams fiber.

Based on the above comparison, tempe little experience processing simpler than know. Despite the slightly higher in calories, are generally healthier than tempe knows, because it contains more protein and fiber than know. Both of these foods also offers a healthy dose of protein for vegetarians.

Though in fact much healthier than tempe knows, does not mean you should always choose to consume tempe than know. Both of these foods includes healthy food choices that are good for consumption. It also doesn't hurt to mix both ingredients of these foods, into a delicious meal for your family. via kokimganteng recipe blog