FRY fried rice business profit

Indonesia food still have a place in the hearts of the people. That's why Eddi Damanhuri decided doing business Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih Goat in 2014. In this year, he offered a partnership worth Rp 96 million. Target capital partners back less than a year.

Fried rice as if never lost a fan. Very easy found peddlers fried rice, ranging from Heavies roving to fried rice in shop-houses and restaurants in various places. Not a few culinary entrepreneurs nor sense to modify the look of the menu with a variety of meat mixture and garnish in order to attract customers.

See the potential in this menu the effort is still great, Eddo Damanhuri working fried rice with fried rice brand Goat Kebon Sirih in early 2014. Then in may 2015, he began offering a partnership. Currently, there are three their outlets in the area and Topper Cisarua, i.e. two outlets belonging to the Center and one belonging to the partners.

Not only does their outlets selling fried rice, but also  resep gulai kambing enak banget other menus such as  resep iga bakar mantap sekali Coconut Curry goat, ox-tail soup, grilled ribs, rib soup, meat soup, and jerked meat. Eddo said, if there is an interested potential partners, he opened the package the partnership valued at Rp 96 million. The partners reserve the right to use the brand for a year, interior amenities, desk, Chair, refrigerator, freezer, cutlery and cookware as well as complete employee training.

After the cooperation during the year ends and partners want to extend the contract, an extension fee of $ 9 million per year. No royalty fee quotes Eddo, but raw materials such as the main seasoning must supply from the Center.

Menu selling price ranging from Usd 19,000 − Rp 36000 per serving. Most devotees menu was fried rice grilled ribs and goat. Within a day, the average outlet already in operation can sell more than 50 servings business hours from 10 am until 1 am. "While the weekend could be two times and close at 3 am. Understandably, the third location is situated on the Summit of which is the tourist area, "he said.

There is no royalty fee
If the target is reached, partners can earn up to Rp 90 million turnover saban moon. After deducting the cost of raw materials, rent, employee salaries and other operating costs, the partners can still got net profits of around 30%. So the target turnover could be less than a year.

Place of business required a minimum of 50 with at least 11 employees for two shifts. The target until the end of the year, he wants to add four new outlets. Eddo deliver, excellence of their outlets are serving food Indonesia a fairly complete. There are about 20 menu options at an affordable price.

Bije Widjajanto, an observer franchise while Founder and Senior Consultant Ben WarG Consulting, says that potential partners should be closely looking for a strategic business location. Because not all branches can open in the tourist area. This will affect net profit and turnover time which is targeted at the Center.